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Marga is trapped in a routine life working in a slaughterhouse.

Then, one day, a cow looks straight at her.

Director Statement


"This story came to my life six years ago... and it stayed.


The original text was born in a creation workshop led by the American playwright and director Neil Labute. He, as mentor, was the culprit of uniting the youth and the talent of the author of the original piece, Marc Guevara, with myself as an actress.


The characters represent a great collective of people who live their lives hopeless. They walk in silence and they just do what they’re supposed to do…

Marga is one of them. I understood that woman very well and I put myself on her skin. The result was very good and the assembly, directed by Labute himself, worked perfectly.


Marc had written a monologue piece with a deeply meaning, not only for what he said but how he said it. For the vitality that transpired and for the truth that it came off. It was a story that was worth repeating. I wanted to take it to the cinema and give it a wider visual frame that allowed seeing and living the universe that the original text already insinuates. Me, I decided to make a film adaptation and I wrote the screenplay.


And so it has been six years later we have carried it out. To raise this project, we have been fortunate to have a fantastic team, of great human and professional quality.


I am very happy and also convinced that VACA is one of those stories that tell a lot more than it says. A story alive and necessary that gives us the flavour of hope when one has lost the illusion".


Marta Bayarri

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