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Marta Bayarri, Script & Direction

Marta has a long career as an actress in theater, musical theater, film and television. We have seen her in well-known series such as LA RIERA (TV3, 2015-2017), EL COR DE LA CIUTAT (TV3, 2006-08) and GAVILANES (Antena 3, 2010). Recently, she has participated in the TV movie AMICS PER SEMPRE directed by Román Parrado (Batabat / TV3 / Lastor Media) and the TV series FELIX (Imposible Films) under the direction of Cesc Gay for Movistar +.
Simultaneously to her work as an actress, since 2010 she has immersed herself into the world of writing and directing. She received training in the field of dramaturgy and script
(International Dramaturgy Workshops of Sala Beckett, Ateneu Barcelonès, Laboratori de les Lletres, Casa del Cine) and film skills (UOC).
In 2014, she founds the production company MOMOTRUP FILMS together with Oriol Ruiz. She premiered her first short film UNA NIT - One Night
(Cortogenia, 2014) written, directed and starred by herself. Selected in more than 50 Festivals worldwide, it gets 6 Jury Awards, among which the Critics Award for Best New Direction at the Ibero-American Short Film Festival ABC (FIBABC'16).
In December 2016 she premiered FUGIT
(Aguilar de Campoo Film Festival), her second short film, again written and directed by herself. Starring Oriol Ruiz and Nil Cardoner. It has Miguel Ángel Faura (Enemy, Escobar, Mine ...) and David Victori (El Pacto, Zero, Pulsaciones, La Culpa...) as executive producers. So far, FUGIT has participated in more than 65 festivals, including twenty top national and international film festivals, has won 8 Awards, and also has achieved the Candidacy for Best Live-Action Short Film at the 32nd Edition of the GOYA AWARDS 2018.
As a playwright, she has premiered the short piece MIDNIGHT
(Ciutadella de Menorca, 2015) and the play MARK & OLIVIA (Barcelona, ​​2016/17 at the Offside of Teatre Romea).
VACA is her third work as a scriptwriter & director and, in this case, also starring with Pepo Blasco. She counts again with Miguel Angel Faura and Oriol Ruiz as executive producers.

Currently, she has finished the screenplay of her first feature film, HERA, and it is in the development phase and searching for financing

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